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Are you planning or already implementing an expansion in Eastern Europe and looking for professional support with expert know-how?
Then we would appreciate to support you!

Customer target groups - B2B companies

Pioneers have recognized new market chances in Eastern Europe and subsequently expanded at the time communism broke down more than 15 years ago. Our cooperation with these customers focuses especially on active continual support and appropriate coaching in the target country.

Follow-up investors prefer the intercultural business trainings we offer for their employees and managers in order to raise awareness of intercultural differences.

Newcomers are companies that are willing to expand that have learned from others’ experience and just started planning foreign investment in Eastern Europe

We consult and teach small and medium-sized businesses, but also major businesses. There may be different requirements and business concepts but there is a common goal to be reached by expanding internationally: to succeed with one’s company in international business as smoothly as possible.

Austrian companies (but also companies from Switzerland and Germany) that expand into Eastern Europe, as well as Eastern European companies that wish to launch in Austria and the rest of the German-speaking world are proudly featured among our customers.

Prospective target clients - B2B Non-Profit organizations

More and more Non-Profit organizations recognize the chances globalisation offers and maintain international contacts to extend and improve their own services.

Political Organizations that, for instance, send their own delegations abroad and want to prepare them for the visit in the best way possible or, the other way round, such as welcome delegations from abroad in their country and want to act as a professional host by obtaining intercultural competence.

Arts associations and cultural associations that are looking for exchange beyond their own region in order to tackle, for instance, an EU-project and also international charity organizations and relief agencies which today consider numerous republics in the former Soviet Union as target areas for action in the name of charity. Here as well, we are crossing borders with our multicultural and international, economically sound experience.

Prospective target clients - B2C private

We also offer intercultural foundation-seminars for individual people who intend to continue their lives abroad and want to prepare beforehand for the challenges of the new country or who generally wish to broaden their intercultural competence, starting from “nomad-children” who travel a lot with their families, in many cases have to say goodbye to their friends for good and are forced to become familiar with an entirely new environment quickly, multicultural families, up to migrants who want to integrate better in their new home countries.
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