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99,8% Recommendation
approx. 1500 participants have evaluated us as “excellent“ or “very good“
A reference list that speaks for itself

“I enjoyed the seminar very much, especially because you always illustrated the various issues by showing the deeper issues behind!“

“In due form: In deep admiration I thank you for last week‘s seminar“

“The most usefull part was the practical information of daily life in Ukraine and assesment to test the own cultural awareness in comparison to the culture of a relocation country. Everything was covered in a very good way“

“Links and background of history with today’s life was very interesting. Surviving tips for daily living were the most important“

“Local life style, day-to-day logistics, cultural model helped me a lot for integration in a new country“

“All cultures are different although all cultures have the same importance”

“Very informative. All that was learned can be well used when working with foreign colleagues”

“A must for employees of all internationally acting companies. A seminar of high level”

“The 10-dimension culture model and multicultural role playing are highly recommended”

“It is always useful to organize intercultural events to have an understanding of multicultural teams”

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