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Who created VICCC


Dr. Viktoriya Zipper initiator and company manager of Victory Cross Culture Consulting (VICCC), certified intercultural business trainer has for more than 9 years been dealing with foreign investments in East Europe, business consulting and support for companies on their way towards expansion, as well as training leading executives in the CIS countries. She gives presentations at numerous universities (Vienna University of Economics, University of Kiev).

Until the age of eighteen, the Mongolian born Ukrainian travelled numerous countries and regions and became acquainted with them, among them Armenia, GDR, Georgia, Belarus, Mongolia, Poland, Russia and the Ukraine. Since 2001 she lives and works in Vienna together with her family. Dr. Zipper studied in Kiev and took her doctoral degree in 2005 in Foreign Trade and Slavic studies at Vienna University of Economics.

Also acknowledged as an author, the VICCC company manager speaks four languages (Russian, Ukrainian, German, English) and has basic business-related skills in six further languages (Belarusian, Polish, Slovakian, Armenian, Mongolian). Profound professional experience in cross cultural business consulting, in international marketing and intercultural management, as well as the foundation and management of companies in the Ukraine and Austria are further qualifications of Dr. Viktoriya Zipper.
The multicultural VICCC-Team

Our team consists of experienced cross cultural consultants who focus on a range of different branches and have profound economic know-how, as well as certified intercultural business trainers. They all have skills in several languages and have lived, studied and worked in various East European countries, contributing a wide variety of expert knowledge to the company. Find out more about our experts!
Our international partners

VICCC works together with well-known tax consultant offices, lawyers, relocation agencies, insurance companies and financial institutions inside and outside the country. All these partners specialise in the field of foreign investment in Eastern Europe. They pioneered in Bratislava, Kiev and Ljubljana and have plenty of experience with expansion and internationalisation. Branches and commendations of these expert partners can be found along the way between Vienna, Prague and Moscow.

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